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Youth applaud business leadership on climate change

Written by Generation Zero, from 11th June 2012:

Monday, 11 June 2012, 9:35 am
Press Release: Generation Zero

Youth applaud business leadership on climate change


11 June 2012

Youth organisation Generation Zero has joined many others in expressing support for the vision and key messages outlined in Pure Advantage’s report ‘New Zealand’s Position in the Green Race’, released today.

The report details the inadequacy of New Zealand’s current response to many environmental challenges, including climate change and rising oil prices, and describes the benefits of a national “green growth” strategy focusing on sustainable economic opportunities rather than damaging, extractive industries such as coal and oil.

“We are delighted to see business leaders coming together to show the leadership our country needs on issues such as climate change,” said Generation Zero spokesperson Louis Chambers. “As the report states, it’s us young people who will be forced to deal with the consequences of inactivity from today’s governments.”

 Generation Zero shares Pure Advantage’s desire for bipartisan agreement on an economic direction for New Zealand that creates sustainable wealth by genuinely addressing climate change and other challenges.

“The old ‘environment versus economy’ argument is a false choice and out of touch with the realities of the 21st century,” said Mr Chambers. “For our generation future prosperity and wellbeing is locked in with how we deal with issues like climate change.”
“Generation Zero wants to see New Zealand following in the footsteps of countries like Denmark, and building broad political agreement on a plan to create a zero carbon economy by 2050”

The report draws particular attention to New Zealand’s heavy reliance on oil for transport and is critical of the severe lack of policies and measures addressing this problem. It highlights the fact that funding for public transport infrastructure will be cut from an already low 1.8% of the current land transport budget to just 0.7% by 2021.

Generation Zero recently launched its 50/50 campaign, calling for a more balanced transport budget with greater investment in low carbon transport solutions like public transport, cycling and walking.

“We’re deeply concerned by the Government’s unbalanced transport budget, which is taking us in the opposite direction to where we should be headed as a country,” said Mr Chambers. “Part of a green growth strategy will be investing in smart transport solutions that allow us to get around using less oil and causing fewer carbon emissions.”

“We hope this report from Pure Advantage will stimulate some much-needed discussion about New Zealand’s future direction, and we look forward to working alongside them to secure a better future for all New Zealanders.”

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