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Bioenergy Association welcomes Pure Advantage’s report

Written by BANZ, from 11th June 2012:


Bioenergy Association of New Zealand welcomes Pure Advantage’s report into New Zealand’s position in the green race.

BANZ is particularly excited by the report’s emphasis on the necessity of bioenergy to New Zealand’s clean energy future

Speaking today, Mr Brian Cox, Executive Officer of the Bioenergy Association of New Zealand (BANZ) said that “The Bioenergy Association of New Zealand (BANZ) is excited by the release today of Pure Advantage’s New Zealand’s Position in the Green Race report. The report highlights the important role of renewable energy – and in particular bioenergy – to New Zealand’s future energy mix.”

Mr Cox added “BANZ shares Pure Advantage’s belief in the need to pursue green growth from renewable energy sources. This will both improve New Zealand’s energy security and help our balance of payments. The report highlights how our existing skills in areas such as bioenergy, as well as continued development and investment in the industry, will help New Zealand capatilise on the move towards green growth.”

New Zealand’s Position in the Green Race specifically makes mention of the potential for bioenergy in New Zealand is huge. It found that biomass could potentially account for 100% of our liquid fuel needs, 100% of our heating needs, and 73% of New Zealand’s total electricity generation. The report notes how strong government leadership, in conjunction with the private sector, can help to drive investment in bioenergy. Finland, for example, derives 80% of its industrial heating, 74% of domestic heating, and 29% of its total electricity generation from biomass. This has been spearheaded by their National Climate Strategy, a partnership between government and the private sector that sets clear goals about Finland’s clean energy future.

New Zealand’s international branding relies heavily being clean and green and biomass offers a way for New Zealand to help green its energy production. Pure Advantage’s belief is that while the optimal situation is government and the private sector working together, in the absence of government leadership, industry needs to take the lead.

Mr Cox added that “BANZ, as an industry group, has been undertaking its own analysis of the opportunities and has led the development of an industry driven Bioenergy Strategy which indicates that on an economic basis 25% of NZ energy supply could be supplied from bioenergy by 2040. This would be a $6billion industry for New Zealand and would provide jobs and economic stimulus throughout New Zealand.”

Pure Advantage is set to release a macroeconomic review – the first of its kind in New Zealand – in the third quarter of this year. Mr Cox said “BANZ looks forward to the in-depth analysis of renewable energy that the review is likely to contain. New Zealand’s clean and green image is one of our main competitive advantages. This report indicates that bioenergy is a key part of that future.”

Mr Cox said that “Wood fuel can supply the full range of commercial heat requirements, from relatively small heat users such as hotels, right up to the largest users such as meat and dairy processors. In addition wood from forest harvest or processing residues could by 2040 supply 30% of our transport fuel. Economic growth and security of energy supply from bioenergy go hand in hand”


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