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Nature-based Solutions

As the climate crisis deepens, we are becoming more aware of just how badly we have failed to respect our most precious asset: nature. We depend entirely on it for our food, our air, our water and our shelter, and yet, we have been neglecting and exploiting nature for decades, even centuries. Nature-based solutions (NbS) promise to redress the balance by restoring habitats and ecosystems.

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Alice Ritchie

Advantage champion

Alice Ritchie is the Climate Change and Water Lead at the leading membership organisation for farmers and landowners in the UK, representing 30,000 members who own or manage 10 million acres – over half the rural land in England and Wales. She advises members and the UK and Welsh governments on reaching net-zero, flood and drought resilience, nature-based solutions and water management and quality, influencing how these topics fit with post-Brexit agriculture policy. Alice previously worked for the Ministry for Primary Industries in New Zealand on climate change, agriculture and forestry and is in the final year of an M. Sc in Global Food Security from the University of Edinburgh.

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