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Government ignoring green economic opportunities

Written by the Green Party, from 11th June 2012:

A report published today by Pure Advantage points to the huge disparity between New Zealand’s green economic opportunities and the Government’s current economic path, the Green Party said today.

“As the Pure Advantage report shows, New Zealand is missing out on win-win opportunities to improve our economic performance because the National-led Government refuses to acknowledge that the environment is the economy, ” Green Party Co-leader Dr Russel Norman.

Pure Advantage is a business leaders’ initiative to promote green economic opportunities for New Zealand. Their report, entitled “New Zealand’s Position in the Green Race,” is their first since the group formed in July 2011.

“Pure Advantage’s report shows that the Government has its head in the sand when it comes to making choices that benefit the planet and our economy,” said Dr Norman.

“Countries that transition to low-carbon economies first will be the most prosperous in the 21st century because they will be buffered against high prices oil prices and can export their low-carbon technologies and expertise to countries that transition later.

“While other countries have moved to decarbonise their economies through investment in renewable energy and clean technology, our Government is promoting petroleum extraction and road building.

“The Government is also selling our last best assets for a quick buck, when we could re-orient our power companies towards exporting their clean energy expertise to the world.

“The opportunities for a smart green economy are available, unfortunately the Government is choosing to ignore them, and future generations will pay the price.”

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