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NZ place in Green Race, a call for action

Written by Greenpeace, from 11th June 2012:

The release of Pure Advantage’s report on the clean opportunities presented by the global clean energy race is being described by Greenpeace New Zealand as a clarion call for action.

“New Zealand’s government and businesses need to recognise that the global green growth train is about to leave the station without us,” says Nathan Argent, Greenpeace New Zealand’s Chief Policy Advisor.

“Green business is big business – global green growth is potentially worth as much as NZ$6 trillion a year – and the Government’s lack of vision is going to mean that we’re in serious danger of missing out on one of the biggest opportunities this country has ever had,” says Argent.

Finance Minister Bill English was recently quoted on as saying that: “If you want a job where it doesn’t exist now, then you have to do something we’re not doing now”, when referring to his Government’s strategy to encourage the exploitation of fossil fuels.

“It’s been projected that by 2030, 65 per cent of global energy jobs will be in renewables. We want New Zealand to get a share of these clean energy jobs, but the Government is doing nothing to secure them.

“For the sake of the climate and our long term economic prosperity, the Government must abandon its fossil fuel agenda and work with businesses to build a cleaner, smarter future.”

“The Pure Advantage report shows that progressive Governments the world over are taking action to move away from the dirty fossil fuels of yesteryear. It’s now our Government’s turn to act, before the opportunity passes us by.”

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