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Report reveals New Zealand would gain more from a Green Economy

Written by, from 11th June 2012:

Monday, 11 June 2012, 9:10 am
Press Release:

For immediate release – Monday June 11, 2012

Report reveals New Zealand would gain more from a Green Economy

The release of “New Zealand’s Position in the Green Race” by the business group Pure Advantage highlights the urgency for New Zealand to recognise and adopt the opportunity of pursuing a green economy.

“This report conclusively shows that New Zealand’s people, land and biodiversity has a tremendous amount to gain from investing in the drivers of a green economy; such as renewable energy, clean technology development, smarter public transport, and better environmental monitoring and standards” says 350 Aotearoa spokesperson Aaron Packard.

The report highlights that while New Zealand’s international branding relies heavily on the 100% pure ethos, as a country we continue to slide down the OECD economic performance tables and quality of life is diminishing, while carbon emissions are increasing.

A third industrial revolution is underway based on a green economy and New Zealand is in need of a reality check if it is to stand under global scrutiny. With the Rio+20 Earth Summit happening later this month in Brazil, the international spotlight will be on how countries and world leaders can push toward a green economy.

“We have to make sure that the New Zealand Government pays attention to this report and follows through by engaging with business, government, iwi and civil society to realise the potential of a green economy.“

“This is of course a huge challenge because this current government seems locked into the 20th century ideology of growing the economy by promoting dirty development such as fossil fuel and resource extraction. They don’t seem interested in the potential of a green economy.”

However, there is strong leadership being shown elsewhere, demonstrated in this report initiated by some of New Zealand’s most prominent business people.

“As a grass-roots network of hundreds of people working to address climate change and reduce New Zealand’s carbon emissions, 350 Aotearoa welcomes this report and the positive leadership it shows. There remains the difficult question of how much growth – however green – the planet can sustain, and we look forward to working with Pure Advantage to move this conversation forward” concluded Packard.

A copy of the report “New Zealand’s Position in the Green Race” can be downloaded from the Pure Advantage website,


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