Dr Ralph Chapman

AuthorDr Ralph Chapman

Dr Ralph Chapman is Director of Environmental Studies at Victoria University of Wellington. He holds degrees in engineering, public policy and economics. He’s worked for the Treasury, Ministry for the Environment, in Whitehall, and as a private consultant. In another life, he was a negotiator for New Zealand of the Kyoto Protocol. Ralph’s recent book on climate policy is 'Time of Useful Consciousness: Acting Urgently on Climate Change', published by Bridget Williams Books

The Case for Cities Tackling Climate Change and Health

This year the world has, more than ever before, begun to feel the impact of climate change. Driving that, the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere for the first time passed the 410 parts per million mark at Mauna Loa in Hawaii. Disappointingly, we are also seeing an upturn in projected global carbon emissions, coming after a period of three years of flat emissions. Locally, the Ministry for...

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