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Sir Paul Callaghan joins Pure Advantage

Pure Advantage – the organisation championing a green growth paradigm shift for New Zealand – announced today that Sir Paul Callaghan has the joined the group as a Trustee.

New Zealander of the year, Sir Paul Callaghan is a businessman and world leading scientist in the field of nanotechnology and magnetic resonance. Sir Paul’s work has brought him several awards and honours including a Knighthood for services to science and New Zealand’s highest scientific honour, the Rutherford Medal. He is also founding Director of Magritek, an advanced technology company based in Wellington, which exports nuclear magnetic resonance instruments to customers throughout the world.

Sir Paul has openly criticised New Zealand’s current economic growth agenda, saying “we choose to be poor” due to limited investment in high-value industries.

Rob Morrison, Chairman of Pure Advantage says that the organisation is excited to have a well-known scientist join the Trustees’ ranks, who deeply understands the opportunity for New Zealand to create a green economy as a path to greater prosperity…

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