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Season 1, Episode 4

In episode four, ‘Community and Mental Health in Regenerative Agriculture Networks’, our host and author Alina Siegfried talks with Jono Frew from Natural Performance Ltd, Sam Lang with Quorum Sense and Jules Matthews from Integrity Soils.

The panelists discuss how the right networked collaboration and support can improve well-being and build more resilient communities – aspects that are key to evolving regenerative agriculture.

They speak about the importance of communities to support the transition to regenerative agriculture and how to overcome social challenges that often couple with pioneering a new way.

They suggest, working on your own personal development, getting a mentor, finding what makes you happy and sharing your learnings openly.

Quorum Sense and Integrity Soils are just two groups doing vital work in building communities and sharing wisdom.

Find out more and explore the complete Our Regenerative Future programme of work.

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