Dr Marie Doole

Dr Marie Doole

Marie Doole, Practice Leader Policy, The Catalyst Group Marie has 15 years’ experience in natural resource management gained from local government, NGO, and private sectors, with a focus on monitoring and policy development. She has authored several national publications focusing on sustainable management and the state of terrestrial ecology. As a reviewer, she brings discipline and objectivity to her clients’ projects. Marie has also been a key adviser to government agencies and private conservation trusts in the policy space, and brings strong analytical and critical evaluation skills to her projects. ​ Marie and her family live in Upper Hutt, where life is kept busy outside of work with two young daughters and an energetic German shepherd. ​ Marie joined The Catalyst Group in 2017 after a three-year stint with Environmental Defence Society. She holds degrees in science and environmental law from the University of Auckland, and a PhD from the University of Waikato, which focused on the use of ecological compensation under the RMA. Marie is also a senior associate in the Institute of Governance and Policy Studies at Victoria University and combines research with client-based projects.

Restoration need not cost the Earth

December 12, 2019
Restoration need not cost the earth – managed natural regeneration at Waikereru (Longbush) Ecosanctuary Some thirty years following destructive Cyclone Bola, an alluvial strip of forest and adjacent steep erosion-prone...

Beware the orange one

November 17, 2016
This year during Global Entrepreneurship Week, in the spirit of celebrating all that New Zealand has to offer, Pure Advantage have teamed up with Kiwi Connect and the Edmund Hillary...

Measurement For Management

August 02, 2016
National environmental reporting has been in the news over recent months with the release of Environment Aotearoa, our second ever national State of the Environment report, and its subsequent review...

Vanishing nature is taking our prosperity with it

May 26, 2015
In early 2015, the Environmental Defence Society published an account of biodiversity loss in New Zealand and the struggle to curtail it. It showed that present efforts are not nearly...