Clare Feeney

Clare Feeney

Clare Feeney is The Sustainability Strategist and the Director of Environmental Communications Ltd. She has developed her own unique IP related to helping companies and governments solve environmental problems through targeted training programs. She is a published author and professional speaker and trainer, and her book is called “How to Change the World – a practical guide to successful environmental training programs." She has 30 years' experience in environmental management and training for sustainability. Clare has a first class masters in physical geography from Auckland University. Clare worked at the council for twelve years before forming a ‘boutique’ environmental consultancy with three colleagues and regularly lectures at Auckland University.

One Number to Rule Them All: Are We Stuck with GDP?

August 01, 2018
Businesses do it. NGOs do it. The New Zealand government plans to do it. Clare Feeney conducts a thought experiment on why governments should report on their national accounts across...

Why Climate Change is not the Enemy and Carbon is your Friend

October 14, 2017
Net Zero and beyond: fostering Kiwi wellbeing across the Six Capitals in a low carbon future The biggest difference in the 2017 election campaign compared with past elections was the effect of...

Six Capitals: Part 2

May 16, 2017
In Part 1 of this article, I looked at how the environment and sustainability is a brilliant proxy indicator for overall quality of a company’s management. I reiterated how accounting...

Six Capitals: Part 1

May 10, 2017
Company Reports: The surprising reason why firms must account for the six capitals: PART 1 We’ve just had that season again – no, I don’t mean for giving presents, but...

Capital Gains – the real returns on investment in restoring our waters

October 11, 2016
Most people would agree that restoring and enhancing the waters of our wetlands, stream banks and shorelines is “A Good Thing” – places look nicer, bird and fish life come...