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Season 2, Episode 4

In this episode, ‘The Many Benefits of Native Forests’ host Vincent Heeringa is joined by Forest Scientist and Tāne’s Tree Trust trustee Dr. Jacqui Aimers, Erana Walker a Phd in waiting at Waikato University and Howell Davies a multi-decade arboriculturalist and urban streetscape expert with Auckland City Council.  

The discussion covers a number of fascinating topics including; the importance of trees in urban areas, and what connections do trees and nature mean to all peoples,  Māori values, and how these can be blended into or delivered by new native forests for all New Zealanders in both rural and urban settings.

Representing significant new research led by Dr. Aimers, the group explores what are  key non-timber values of NZ’s native forests posing the questions  – can the invaluable be valued and how can landowners be rewarded for delivering downstream environmental, social and cultural benefits?

Find out more and explore the complete O Tātou Ngāhere programme of work.

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