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Report an overdue call to arms – Cunliffe

Written by the Labour Party, from 11th June 2012:

A report released today measuring New Zealand’s standing in the global green economy is an overdue call to arms for both business and government, says Labour’s Economic Development spokesperson David Cunliffe.

“A ‘business as usual’ approach drives New Zealand into a high carbon, low-value future that no amount of greenwash can solve,” David Cunliffe said.

“Equally, as this superb report points out, the opportunities for New Zealand to protect its environment and to create dynamic new exports industries is also very significant.

“Given the huge environmental challenges looming in front of us, concerted action down a new pathway is overdue.

“This is why Labour Leader David Shearer took a strong stand on the importance of economic vision and innovation to take New Zealand forward. This report makes it clear that we are lagging behind other economies.

“The report points out that if we do not change, New Zealand’s clean, green brand will be 100% undermined. We will no longer be able to achieve the premium we seek for our fine natural produce.

“Our dependence on fossil fuels and imported scarce raw materials poses huge strategic and financial risk. The opportunities for green growth could balance that. Our innovation system could be ramped up to capture huge international market opportunities for market growth in clean tech and renewable energy.

“We could achieve global leadership as a high quality, environmentally sustainable food and protein producer. We are relatively well-placed to adapt to the potentially horrific consequences of global climate change.

“The report rightly conveys the urgency of the situation and calls for bi-partisan government action to use a wide range of legislative, regulatory, fiscal and educative measures to actively tilt our economy to a low carbon, high value, renewable energy future,” David Cunliffe said.

“The Pure Advantage report criticises the current government’s ‘dirty industry agenda’ and describes the recent Green Growth Advisory Group report as a ‘missed opportunity’.

“Labour is prepared to work with all parties to ensure our children have a future we can be proud of, and indeed have a future at all,” David Cunliffe said.

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