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Pure Advantage Lauded – British High Commission

Pure Advantage Lauded

Monday, 11 June 2012, 2:49 pm
Press Release: British High Commission

Media Statement

11th of June

Pure Advantage Lauded

Pure Advantage’s report on “New Zealand’s position in the Green Race” has been lauded by the British High Commission in Wellington

The High Commission’s First Secretary Tony Clemson described it as an “excellent report “ and as an important step in New Zealand’s green growth development .

Pure Advantage’s report argues that New Zealand has a tremendous amount to gain from investing in the drivers of a green economy such as renewable energy, smarter public transport and better environmental monitoring and standards.

“The UK strongly supports the use of markets and government policy to drive forward low-cost carbon abatement and to promote ambitious emission reduction targets. I look forward to continuing the UK’s close cooperation with New Zealand on green growth to jointly build a sustainable low carbon global economy”

Mr Clemson noted that both countries have a centre-right coalition government focused on private sector growth. He says “The UK is one of the best places for green energy, for green electricity, for green investment and crucially for green jobs anywhere in the world.

“We have the world’s first payments to business for generating renewable heat. The world’s first dedicated green investment bank. A pioneering Carbon Capture and Storage Programme. The largest offshore wind market in the world. And in the City of London, the world’s No1 financial centre for low carbon industries. “In the last year alone we’ve seen announcements of £4.7 billion of investment in UK renewables supporting 15,000 new jobs.”
A copy of the report “New Zealand’s Position in the Green Race” can be downloaded from the Pure Advantage website,


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