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Kiwis Want Urgent Action to Secure $6 Trillion Trade Opportunity


Green Growth seen as delivering a better future, more new jobs and a better reputation for NZ.

Pure Advantage, the organization championing a move to a green growth economy, says the latest polling by independent research company Horizon shows there is widespread public support for New Zealand to secure its share of the $6 trillion global opportunity that green growth promises by 2050.

The poll of more than a 1,000 respondents, weighted to accurately represent the New Zealand voting population*, received a very strong response in favor of pursuing trade and new job opportunities as part of green growth. It highlights the need for New Zealand’s leaders to find sustainable economic alternatives that can provide the country with the competitive advantage it needs.

Phillip Mills, a trustee of Pure Advantage, says that the Horizon poll findings are a call to action for all political parties and also affirms that New Zealanders, including those in the business sector, are fully supportive of the need for green growth.
“This poll is a resounding call from almost three quarters of people polled saying they want urgent action taken by New Zealand’s leaders to secure the enhanced trade opportunities and new jobs that green growth will deliver to those countries that recognize the significance of these opportunities early on,” says Mills.

Mills adds that the Pure Advantage Horizon poll also showed that the largest percentage of respondents saw many benefits associated with trade opportunities including ‘economic growth which improves the environment’. This includes widespread business support with 59% of business managers voting for a move away from the present fossil fuel economy.

“This tells us that all Kiwis, especially the business sector, acknowledge that a move to new trade opportunities is vital. Green growth makes this possible. People also now realize that this will deliver New Zealand a better future, a higher standard of living, new jobs and very importantly a better reputation. Ergo the question that really needs to be asked of all our leaders is why we are holding back when New Zealand should be leading the charge!”

Mills calls on all the parties in Parliament to join and create a policy agreement post-election that will provide the economic growth path that New Zealand needs, especially at a business level where recent polls have shown waning confidence in the lack of Government direction.

“The Trustees of Pure Advantage would like to get together with the Government and all parties post-election to work out a strategic business plan so New Zealand can take advantage of green growth opportunities and create a prosperous future for this country. A future that protects the clean, green 100% Pure brand that is so critical to our export success.”

Pure Advantage Trustees include some of New Zealand’s most successful and respected business leaders including New Zealander of the Year, Professor Sir Paul Callaghan, Sir George Fistonich, Rob Fyfe, Chris Liddell, Phillip Mills, Jeremy Moon, Lloyd Morrison, Rob Morrison, Geoff Ross, Justine Smyth, Sir Stephen Tindall, and Joan Withers.


*This survey of 1,013 New Zealanders aged 18+ was conducted nationwide by Horizon Research between 8am November 7 and 8 am November 11, 2011.

*Respondents are weighted by age, gender, ethnicity, personal income, educational qualifications and party vote 2008 to provide a representative sample of the New Zealand adult population.

At a 95% confidence level, the maximum margin of error is +/- 3.1%.

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