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Government’s Green Growth Report a Useful Start

MEDIA RELEASE – 8 March 2012 

Pure Advantage says that the 26 policy recommendations to the Government in a report released by the Green Growth Advisory Group (GGAG) in the weekend are a positive start despite the limitations of their terms of reference.

Pure Advantage is supportive of the work done by GGAG but says that it’s apparent that the focus of this report is on the mild greening of the existing economic development agenda, without broader consideration of how New Zealand might instead use green as an engine for growth.

Duncan Stewart Manager of Pure Advantage says that Government has taken a small but meaningful step with the release of the GGAG report.

“Because of the constraints of the GGAG terms of reference, the big picture transformational changes that green growth presents for New Zealand were not explored as fully as they could be.  Without these restrictions the GGAG Report could have gone much further to advocate a broad and cohesive approach to green growth. In addition, these constraints meant that many sectors of the economy were also omitted.  The country needs to focus on the big picture opportunities that green growth can present,” says Stewart.

Stewart adds that Pure Advantage research shows that there are considerable economic opportunities for those nations prepared to consider a broad but cohesive green growth strategy.

“If this is done in conjunction with a willing and motivated corporate sector then the opportunity  for New Zealand to develop increased capabilities and expertise while also producing significant environmental and economic improvements is  very achievable.”

Stewart adds the GGAG report has purportedly delivered practical recommendations that don’t cost very much due to governmental spending constraints.

“That goes to the heart of the issue – green growth is still being looked at as a cost item rather than a means to drive efficiencies in the economy and a long term source of wealth.”

Pure Advantage intends to issue its first research document entitled, ‘New Zealand’s Position in the Green Race’, later this month, which will take a look at the nation’s key environmental performance, and suggest broad areas of green growth opportunities.


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