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Slowly but surely, New Zealand businesses are turning their minds to electrifying their fleets. Some are already on their way: in 2016, 30 of our biggest companies pledged to transform 30 percent of their vehicles to EVs by 2019.

It hasn’t necessarily all been straightforward, however. This paper, ‘Building an Electric Fleet’, distils the experiences of a number of trail blazing New Zealand corporates as they approach that 30 percent target, and establishes what you need to know to get it right the first time.

Ultimately, there are six aspects of the transition formula you
need to cover off – six questions to answer:

• How are your staff using company vehicles?

• What’s the profile of your fleet?

• What do you need to know to select the right EV for your needs?

• How does the tool of trade vs pool vehicle division affect your decisions?

• What charging infrastructure do you need, and what are the potential complications?

• How do the numbers stack up?

You’ll need to drill deep into all of those aspects, gather in-depth tracking data and thoroughly investigate issues such as total cost of ownership. But, as one procurement manager interviewed for this paper says;

Once you’ve done it, “the case to go electric becomes compelling”.

Whitepaper 4

Building An Electric Fleet:
A ‘how-to’ guide for businesses considering transitioning to electric vehicles

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