Zane Fulljames

Zane Fulljames

Zane is Chief Executive Officer of NZ Bus, the largest operator of urban bus services in New Zealand. It has a fleet of over 1,000 buses, employs approximately 1,900 people and carries over 50 million passengers each year, across its operations in Auckland and Wellington. NZ Bus’ market leadership in public transport provision is built on its track record of innovation and continuous improvement to deliver efficient, reliable and accessible bus services. It recently announced plans to invest NZ$43m in Wrightspeed electric powertrains to enable it to lead the transition to electric-powered public transport in New Zealand, and in turn enable New Zealand to play a lead role in global efforts to address climate change. Prior to joining NZ Bus in 2008, Zane held senior leadership and executive roles in a number of sectors including Finance, Manufacturing/FMCG, Petroleum and Civil Construction.



Leading the transition to electric-powered public transport.

By Zane Fulljames7th of February 2017

With nearly 82% of New Zealand’s electricity from renewable energy sources, transition to electric-powered public transport alongside private vehicles will deliver a step change in reducing the country’s carbon footprint….