Lan Pham

Lan Pham

Lan Pham was the highest polling candidate elected to Environment Canterbury Regional Council in 2016 when she campaigned on prioritising the health of our people and planet. Her background is in Freshwater Ecology (MSc) where it was New Zealand's quirky native fish which first got her engaged in environmental issues. She is the founder and Director of Working Waters Trust, a freshwater restoration and education trust which works alongside communities across Canterbury, Otago and Southland to restore the habitats of NZ’s most endangered freshwater fish and raise their profile in the public eye. Lan is passionate about placing climate change at the centre of decision making and building resilience into our management of resources.



New Zealand’s climate leadership conundrum.

By Lan Pham9th of June 2017

What now after Net Zero report? New Zealand’s climate leadership conundrum: is staving off the climate crisis really a crisis of leadership at both local and central government levels? Lan…