Dr Rosie Bosworth

Dr Rosie Bosworth

A fresh voice in a crowded landscape, Dr Rosie Bosworth is a strategic innovation consultant and communications professional with a penchant for driving competitive business growth through disruptive innovation and game changing technology platforms. With over 6 years consulting experience in business innovation, a PhD in disruptive sustainable innovation and technology development, and a background in marketing and account management, Rosie harbours a rare breadth of skills and competencies vital for helping firms thrive in today's dynamic and rapidly changing business landscape.

A Fish out of Water – Cellular Agriculture Dive Bombing the World of Seafood

November 24, 2017
The global fishing industry – both captured fish and aquaculture – is reputed for its low carbon footprint in the global food chain, but the industry has a host of environmental and...

Dismantling the Institution of Science in the Name of New Zealand’s Food Future

August 25, 2017
Is it time for New Zealand’s traditional science institutions and the archaic and painfully inefficient research and commercialisation funding model to move with the times? We live in an exponential...

The Race to Reduce Agriculture’s Emissions

May 02, 2017
Synthetic Biology Vs. Paris – The Race to Reduce Agriculture’s Emissions 1.3 billion US dollars – according to CB Insights that was the sum of money invested into synthetic biology...

The Democratic Revolution of Agriculture

March 28, 2017
We now live in the era of the open, networked and democratised economy. Today’s information, services, platforms and products are created, distributed, and economised instantaneously through networked, social, open (and...

In lament of the NZ Farm

November 29, 2016