Dr Anna Berka

Dr Anna Berka

Dr Anna Berka works on innovation policy, socio-technical transitions, inclusivity and impact evaluation, and holds degrees in economics, environmental science and policy. She previously worked for SCENE (UK), the University of Auckland Energy Centre, and EECA, and is currently a Lecturer at Massey Business School

Innovation Policy 2.0 - Opportunities for an Economy at 2 metres

September 08, 2020
As the national election comes into view, we find ourselves once again in a 2 meter economy, and continue to rip through billions of dollars in public stimulus, depleting government...

It’s high time to rethink low carbon innovation policy in New Zealand

May 22, 2019
New Zealand’s ability to build domestic clean technology industries and respond effectively to climate change is handicapped by a deep-seated rigid notion that low carbon innovation can come about on...