Damian Light

Damian Light

Damian Light is UnitedFuture Party Leader. He is also candidate for Botany and first on the party list. Born and bred in Auckland, Damian lives in Botany with his partner. He is a strong believer in the liberal values at the core of UnitedFuture that encourages diversity and tolerance at all levels of our community. He has a passion for social justice and has spoken on these issues on behalf of the party at a number of forums. He also sees the stewardship of our natural environment as a key issue, with a desire to leave it in a better state for future generations. Damian has stood as a candidate for UnitedFuture on three occasions, most recently in 2014 in Northcote. Damian has worked in process improvement for over a decade, working to identify how to make people’s jobs easier while increasing customer satisfaction.



Time for Leadership on Climate Change

By Damian Light19th of September 2017

Climate change is upon us – we’ve recently seen a rise in extreme weather events, with more one-in-a-hundred-year storms and flooding across the world. While some seem determined to argue…