Cerasela Stancu

Cerasela Stancu

Cerasela Stancu is Sustainability Principal, Envirostrat. Cerasela is a sustainability specialist with over 20 years of experience working on environment and sustainable development issues across Europe, Asia and New Zealand. She has worked extensively with government and private sector on issues regarding sustainability solutions and the integration of natural capital and ecosystem services in policy and business decisions. Cerasela’s current focus is to demonstrate the viability of impact investment as a concept for landscape level solutions in New Zealand – combining innovative thinking for achieving (environmental & social) change with value chain considerations and science based solutions for sustainable land management.



Generating investable propositions for sustainable land

By Cerasela Stancu20th of November 2018

The following provocation by Cerasela Stancu forms one part of Financing the Future, our dynamic content project exploring the market opportunities for impact investment in Aotearoa New Zealand. The project…