Carli Davis

Carli Davis

An MBA honours graduate from Crummer Graduate School of Business, Florida, Carli is a keen environmentalist. After finishing high school in New Zealand she took up a sports scholarship at Rollins College, Orlando, completing a bachelors’ degree and majoring in Environmental Studies and Sustainable Development (3.90/4.00 GPA). Her experience in not-for-profit organisations and published articles for Pure Advantage, Enviro-Mark Solutions and Net Impact, have enabled her to gain a good understanding of sustainable business solutions, utilising environmentally-responsible practices to enhance profits.

Bee-ing Frank About the Future

August 31, 2017
There is still some confusion over the health of the bee population in New Zealand. Some argue that bee populations are stable or increasing, while others suggest that bee populations...

Cool Beans

February 21, 2017
In the first in a series of articles of New Zealanders championing organic farming, Pure Advantage talks to New Plymouth based IncaFe founding director Joop Verbeek about the importance of...

New Zealand’s Water Woes

October 14, 2016
“Schools close as tummy bug spreads” “Animal faeces in water supply” “Tap water in NZ town causes hundreds to fall ill” “Poisoning the wells – infected drinking water in Canterbury.”...

Q&A with Dr Zero

September 13, 2016
In this Q&A find out how Dr Ann Smith, thinks we can create a greener, wealthier New Zealand. As the Chief Executive Officer of Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited, Ann passionately leads...


August 04, 2016
Although being good looking and tasty, the banana hasn’t had sex in thousands of years. Nearly all commercial bananas (Cavendish) are sterile clones, making them susceptible to disease due to...