Dr Adam Forbes

Dr Adam Forbes

Dr Adam Forbes is a Forest Ecologist who specialises in forest restoration. Adam works throughout New Zealand developing restoration proposals and giving advice on native forest restoration, most recently through his role as the Te Uru Rākau/School of Forestry Restoration Ambassador. He has a particular interest in the use of exotic species to facilitate restoration of native tree species while achieving multiple outcomes. Adam recognises that forests are an intrinsically diverse topic, and he is excited about helping develop alternative forestry options incorporating mixes of exotic and native species with the end goal being permanent native forest cover. Adam is the founder and a Director of the independent consultancy, Forbes Ecology Limited, and is an Invited Research Associate with the University of Canterbury New Zealand School of Forestry. You can read about Adam’s research and work at this company website: http://www.forbesecology.co.nz



Transitioning Plantations to Native Forest

By Dr Adam Forbes18th of March 2021

Establishing new native forests can be difficult, more so in some parts of New Zealand than others. Exposed, dry conditions without overhead shade favour more aggressive weed species which outcompete...