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What is proposed?

Specifically, over the next 10 years, this national initiative proposes to strategically reforest and restore an initial 2.1 million hectares of indigenous forest, comprising:

  • the enhancement of existing but degraded private (approx. 739,000 ha) and public forest (approx. 547,000 ha); and
  • the reforestation of approximately.:
    609,000ha of protected, non-forested land;

52,000 ha of low productivity land;
30,000 ha of marginal high-country land;
50,000 ha of riparian planting; and
77,000 of other non-protected, Crown land.

These figures are conservative and are informed by analysis that identifies a total of 5.55 million hectares of land in Aotearoa New Zealand with ecological potential to support large-scale indigenous reforestation or restoration (i.e. excluding urban and smaller, community-scale opportunities). This initiative will aspire to achieve all of that potential.

In practice, target areas across a range of private, public, protected, and iwi land will be identified in close collaboration with interested stakeholders, and a programme of action, and associated funding and investment model(s), developed to optimise and realise the many co-benefits that indigenous forests deliver.

But we need to start on this initiative now.


Recloaking Papatūānuku


1.1. Introduction

The Recloaking Papatūānuku Proposal is a living document open for input as we continue to engage with the Government, iwi, experts, environmental and community groups. This Proposal outlines some possible features thereof, in the expectation of further developing and progressing these in collaboration with stakeholders. Look for ways you can be involved here.

Join the movement.

Trustees: Sir Stephen Tindall, Phillip Mills, Dame Anne Salmond, Rob Morrison (Chair), Geoff Ross, Katherine Corich and Andrew Grant.

Producerst: Simon Millar and Amy Spitzer.

Trustees: Dr. Jacqui Aimers, Peter Berg ONZM, Dr. David Bergin, Michael Bergin, Ian Brennan, Ian Brown, Jon Dronfield, Gerard Horgan, Rob McGowan, Wayne O’Keefe, Paul Quinlan, Prof. Warwick Silvester ONZM.

Office: Mel Ruffell, Keri Wilson.



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