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Financing the Future is a dynamic content project about impact investment. The format combines a briefing on impact investment in Aotearoa, NZ, video interviews with thought leaders, investment case studies, and provocations from experts working in the areas that offer immediate opportunities.

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Pure Advantage

Pure Advantage investigates and promotes opportunities for green growth in New Zealand

We produce solutions-focused content aimed at improving New Zealand’s environmental, economic and social performance.

Pure Advantage

Pure Advantage investigates and promotes opportunities for green growth in New Zealand

Our targeted research promotes uptake of cutting-edge theory and practice and encourages new partnerships and ventures.

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Pure Advantage

Pure Advantage investigates and promotes opportunities for green growth in New Zealand

We play a lead facilitation role in a range of campaigns and discussions that articulate New Zealand’s key advantages in the transition towards net zero.

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Recent Content

1/3 – Can New Zealanders keep flying and reduce their carbon footprint?

Air New Zealand Wing

Paul Callister and Wallace Rae consider, one of New Zealand’s emissions elephants in the room – aviation – and share views in this series of three articles. Part One: The Situation We need to decarbonise New Zealand’s aviation industry and must begin now. In Europe plans are being developed with an aim of decarbonising aviation. In addition, there is ongoing investment in alternative...

A Nod to NZ: What can we make of the advice from the UK’s Committee on Climate Change

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) spoke firmly: the UK should legislate as soon as possible for a net zero economy by 2050. When the target is set in concrete, it’ll be, by some distance, the most purposeful climate commitment in the industrialised world. Those who don’t think our Zero Carbon Bill goes far enough — and those that do — should take note. If you hadn’t heard of net zero, you...

It’s high time to rethink low carbon innovation policy in New Zealand

New Zealand’s ability to build domestic clean technology industries and respond effectively to climate change is handicapped by a deep-seated rigid notion that low carbon innovation can come about on the back an ETS alone. This notion disregards the processes by which low carbon innovations have successfully been developed and become competitive to date. Concepts like ‘level playing fields’...

The economic viability of green electrolytic hydrogen

Bob Beth looks at current global trends around hydrogen generation from renewable energy, and drills into the benefits and opportunities for Aotearoa New Zealand to take a policy leadership role – and be open for business to accelerate the adoption of hydrogen infrastructure. Advances in energy capture are advances in human destiny. – Steven Pinker “Enlightenment Now…” The current...

There’s more to seaweed than just a superfood

I am sure many of us have walked along a beach after a storm and witnessed seaweed strewn amongst the sand. Many of us would consider it to just be a foul-smelling “weed” without realising that most of us consume seaweed every day in food products such as sushi or miso soup, or seaweed extracts in foods such as ice cream, and yogurt. Humans have eaten seaweeds for tens of thousands of years and...

Adding value to food waste

Over recent years, we’ve not only started to change the way we think about environmental issues but have actively begun making changes in the way we behave when it comes to consuming. At home, we compost all of our vegetable and fruit waste, grow our own vegetables and have planted an almost entirely edible backyard of fruit trees. We’re by no means fully self-sustainable but we are trying to do...


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