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O Tātou Ngahere Conference

Regenerating our landscapes with native forests


Tāne’s Tree Trust has partnered with Pure Advantage to produce a two-day conference at Te Papa Tongarewa on 27-28 October 2022. The group’s aim is to highlight the need for New Zealand to complement its existing productive land uses by weaving more native forest back into our working lands. Research shows that this will result in a myriad of benefits, which include (but are not limited to) biodiversity enhancement, erosion control, water quality, carbon sequestration, adaptation to climate change, cultural values, and high-value timber and non-timber forest products.

There are roles for different species of trees and types of forest in Aotearoa – as part of wise, sustainable land use. However, the focus of this conference is on native trees and diverse forests.

Tāne’s Tree Trust trustees are scientists, professional foresters, economists, conservationists, and farm foresters who have produced more than 60 years of research and work in the field. This collective knowledge will come to the fore in a gathering that seeks to shed more light on the WHY and HOW of native forest regeneration. As individuals and as a group, Tāne’s Tree Trust has published widely on subjects such as Planting and Management, Non-Timber Values, Continuous Cover Forestry, and Carbon Sequestration of native forests. Collectively, their work has advanced thinking for foresters, landowners and government while helping to allay misconceptions about the opportunities and benefits of native forests.

For the last 22 years, Tāne’s Tree Trust has contributed to this narrative and has produced a large amount of information that is freely available online to a wide audience, including farmers, landowners, politicians, government officials and industry.

The Climate Change Commission has recognised native afforestation as an important component of New Zealand’s urgent and comprehensive response to climate change. This will simultaneously help address the biodiversity and freshwater crises, and provide important cultural and socioeconomic benefits. The Commission recommended establishment of nearly 300,000 hectares of new native forests before 2035 – which is a considerable challenge. Adequate governance and investment will be needed to support scaling up of capacity and expertise that is underpinned by the right strategy.

We welcome you and your organisation, as a group with common interests in this subject, to support O Tātou Ngahere – Regenerating our landscapes with native forests and, as appropriate, encourage members of your team and community to attend and participate.

We look forward to seeing you at the conference.

Ngā mihi

Simon Millar Peter Berg
Executive Director, Pure Advantage

Peter Berg
Chairperson, Tāne’s Tree Trust


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