Simon Chamberlain

AuthorSimon Chamberlain

Simon Chamberlain is the CEO of GreenAir, the company he founded in 2001 to bring vitality to commercial buildings and city streets through plantscapes and living walls. GreenAir design, build, install and maintain green walls and green facades, as well as customised planters. The business has a strong focus on sustainability and loves to push the envelope in their sector.

Bringing biodiversity to cities and offices

While most biodiversity work is in species recovery or restoring rural habitats, at GreenAir we are trying to bring nature back to New Zealand’s cities and offices. I grew up in the Waitakere Ranges, West of Auckland. The Ranges are all that remains of what was once a huge volcano.  Its slopes are now covered in subtropical rainforest with 16,000 hectares of native bush and coastline protected as...

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