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Pure Advantage commissions and solicits content – articles and thought leader pieces – to be published on its media platform and shared across other media. This content investigates, communicates and encourages debate around business-focused opportunities that will improve New Zealand’s future green economic growth and social and environmental performance.

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A radical shift is needed in the intention, goals and culture of our investment and business ecosystems

Currently there is a surge of writing and talk about how we can best support purpose-led investors, entrepreneurs and their companies to scale.  In this article Rebecca Mills summarizes existing approaches and makes a case that although they’re helpful, it’s a shift in perspective that may help us more rapidly achieve the outcomes we want.  What’s even better is there’s scientific proof that this...

Let’s talk traffic – lessons for Queenstown from Oslo

Many in Queenstown envisage a relatively car free town centre – see the Town Centre Master Plan – to allow maximum room for, and better quality experience of interaction, business and recreation. Congestion, lack of parking and general difficulties in getting from A to B are well known in the town and have been a focus of local discussion for many years now. It’s a hot discussion point in...

The last will and testament of oil and gas

The New Zealand Institute of Economic Research has produced a next-to-useless report on our oil and gas sector. It is pure Past As Future (PAF), which is even worse than Business As Usual (BAU). It harkens back to the local sector’s glory days in the early 2000s when oil and gas production peaked and money for more exploration was ramping up. It takes no account of how dramatically the global oil...

Linking foods to our wisdom body and the environment

Have humans lost the ability to choose nourishing diets or has it been hijacked?  This question posed by emeritus professor Fred Provenza emerges after comparing findings from his 40 year career in livestock nutrition to human nutrition and is highlighted in his 2018 book Nourishment: What Animals can teach us about Rediscovering our Nutritional Wisdom.  As New Zealand farming gets squeezed by...

Impact investing case study: Ruapehu Alpine Lifts infrastructure bond

The following Case Study by Aaron Drew contributes to Financing the Future, our dynamic content project exploring the market opportunities for impact investment in Aotearoa New Zealand. Summary Ruapehu Alpine Lifts (RAL) is a not-for-profit organisation that runs the two main ski fields on Mt. Ruapehu, being Whakapapa and Tūroa. Increasing demand for accessing the maunga has been putting...

Case Study: Innovating Affordable Housing for the Community

Nicola Patrick talks with GM Dominic Foote The following Case Study featuring Dominic Foote forms one part of Financing the Future, our dynamic content project exploring the market opportunities for impact investment in Aotearoa New Zealand. The project is produced by Pure Advantage and promoted in association with the Impact Investing National Advisory Board Aotearoa New Zealand the Responsible...


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