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What the RUC?

Featured image credit – Ben Haggar //  The transport sector makes up about 20% of New Zealand’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and rapid industry-wide reductions are crucial to achieve a sustainable net zero-emissions economy. It also represents one of the most difficult industries to decarbonize with steep technology cost hurdles and one of the most efficient incumbent fossil fuel supply...

‘The name’s Brick’ – COVID-19 and Climate Change

Despite the rumours, pandemic-caused restrictions have not been a ‘temporary reprieve’ or ‘silver lining’ for climate change.  In this infographic, Kiwi science communicator and climate expert John Lang introduces the world to a new climate character: the name’s ‘Brick’. Together, they explain why temporary CO2 emission reductions caused by COVID-19 will not slow down global warming — unless...

Innovation Policy 2.0 – Opportunities for an Economy at 2 metres

As the national election comes into view, we find ourselves once again in a 2 meter economy, and continue to rip through billions of dollars in public stimulus, depleting government coffers for the foreseeable time to come. It seems reasonable to assume that social distancing is likely here to stay. As it happens, we also happen to be putting in place the foundational building blocks of a...

Regenerative Tourism – Opportunity for Tourism Recovery?

What is Regenerative Tourism New Zealand has a history of sustainable tourism with many businesses making operational choices towards sustainability. So, what is different about the idea of Regenerative Tourism? Just like there are many ways of describing more sustainable forms of agriculture, for example organic farming or permaculture, there are different approaches in tourism. Examples include...

Imagining the Food System We Really Want

It’s the dawn of the twenty-twenties, the make or break decade for climate change and humanity.  We’ve reached a tipping point for sustainability in virtually every sector on the planet, though arguably few on the scale of disruption in the food system. Regenerative agriculture (regen ag) is rapidly emerging worldwide as a new frontier for sustainable agriculture. So how do we make sense of the...

Building Future-Proof Farms at Mangarara Station with Greg Hart

How one Hawke’s Bay farmer is building economic and environmental resilience into his farm At the back of Greg Hart’s farm in the Hawkes Bay, two paddocks are growing grass side by side. As part of his monthly feed budgeting, Greg measures the grass growth in his pastures and has noticed that one of these paddocks is growing twice as much grass as the other.  Greg recently took back management of...


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