Dr. Sean Weaver

Dr. Sean Weaver

Dr. Sean Weaver is Executive Director of the rainforest carbon business Ekos. He is an expert in environmental financing, rainforest carbon, and the voluntary carbon market. He is pioneering market-based models for conservation in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. He works with businesses, forest-owning communities, governments, universities and multilateral banks.

Hawke’s Bay Climate Change Resilience Programme – An ambitious and innovative climate policy framework

December 13, 2017
Climate finance entrepreneur and Ekos Executive Director Sean Weaver unveils his recent work for Hawke’s Bay Regional Council, to provide a framework for the climate change element of their next...

Ekos – New Kid On The Carbon Block

March 10, 2017
The cost of carbon neutrality can sometimes pose a barrier to sustainability leadership in the transition to a low carbon economy. Only a few businesses are willing or able to...