Mario Fernandez

Mario Fernandez

Mario Andres Fernandez is a Researcher at the Research and Monitoring Unit, Auckland Council. A Texas A&M PhD graduate, he has been recognised by the Southern Association of Agricultural Economists and the University Council on Water Resources in the United States for his work on climate impacts on agriculture and water.

A Tree Tale: Some Economic Insights on the Net-Zero Target

November 29, 2017
The Paris Agreement (PA) has been labelled as the most successful, broad and flexible of environmental agreements, where each country sets their own Intended Nationally Determined Contributions and elaborates on...

Vulnerability to Climate Change and Public Acceptance of the Net-Zero target

September 13, 2017
Vulnerability to climate change is the degree to which population groups and communities are susceptible to, and unable to cope with, adverse impacts of climate change (McCarthy, Canziani, Leary, Dokken,...