Dr Barbara Nebel

Dr Barbara Nebel

Barbara’s passion is to enable organisations to succeed sustainably. As CEO of thinkstep in ANZ, a locally owned business, she often describes her job as a translator. Translating sustainability into traditional business language. Together with her team she delivers a full range of sustainability services from strategy and materiality assessments through to detailed Life Cycle Assessments and Cradle to Cradle® projects. Originally from Germany, she has been in New Zealand since 2004 and still has not managed to visit every hut in the Tararuas.

Comparing apples with apples to achieve consistent carbon footprint calculations

September 10, 2019
The Carbon Footprint Standard is one year old In August 2018, the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) published the first standard for carbon footprinting of products: ISO 14067:2018. On the...

Creating the Future, Not Preventing It

October 02, 2018
“Environmental efforts that look to make things less bad will ultimately fail, because less bad is not good enough.” This was just one of world renowned Professor Michael Braungart’s thought-provoking...