Dan Kahn

Dan Kahn

Dan is co-founder and CTO of Hiringa Energy. He has a background in clean technology product development, hydrogen infrastructure design and carbon capture. He has worked at heavy-metal recycling facilities in China, deployed automated fuel cell manufacturing equipment at Mercedes Benz, and sucked CO2 out of the atmosphere and combined it with green hydrogen to create synthetic jet fuel. Formerly based out of British Columbia, he now lives in New Plymouth with his family. When not mulling over where technology meets decarbonisation policy, he can be found either in the hills mountain biking, or in the surf riding a few waves, but most likely swimming after his board and in everyone’s way. Dan has a young daughter and no matter how hard he tries she is kiwi as, loves marmite on toast and refuses to wear shoes.



What the RUC?

By Dan Kahn7th of September 2020

Featured image credit – Ben Haggar //  The transport sector makes up about 20% of New Zealand’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and rapid industry-wide reductions are crucial to achieve a…