Carys Everett

Carys Everett

Carys Everett is a Chartered Humanitarian Engineer with over 13 years’ experience in civil engineering, specifically water, wastewater and solid waste engineering. She is passionate about humanitarian engineering and community development, and can talk for hours about toilets and community water systems! Carys grew up in a beautiful valley in North Wales, though thanks to an inherited travel bug and some itchy feet, she has worked on a wide range of projects around the world. Having made New Zealand her home base in 2007, she became the Executive Director for Engineers Without Borders New Zealand in 2014. Engineers Without Borders is a member based not for profit organisation with a vision that everyone has access to the engineering knowledge and resources needed to lead a life of opportunity, free from poverty.



The People Centred Approach to Technology that is Making a Difference in our Communities

By Carys Everett21st of November 2017

The ‘Sanitation in Challenging Environments’ programme came about from discussions between Engineers Without Borders New Zealand and Engineers Without Borders Australia professionals on placement in Cambodia. They were each working with different local organisations…