Brianne West

Brianne West

Brianne West is founder and CEO. She started Ethique in 2012 out of frustration with the disgraceful amount of packaging produced by the cosmetics industry. A qualified scientist, Brianne formulates our products and runs the show. Brianne has started and sold two other small companies but is now devoted to ridding the world of plastic bottles (well the cosmetic ones anyway.) Nicola Patrick is a Horizons regional councillor, a co-founder of Thrive Whanganui (a trust growing social enterprise), and an environmental advisor for Ngaa Rauru Kiitahi (a south Taranaki iwi). She has a science degree and journalism diploma, and is the mum of two energetic boys. Nicola has also worked for Akina Foundation, led the development of AECOM’s corporate social responsibility programme across Australia-New Zealand, worked at Department of Conservation for 10 years in national roles and operational management, and was a reporter for the Manawatu Standard. She was the Green Party’s Whanganui candidate in 2017.



Case Study Ethique: Proving ethics in business work.

By Nicola Patrick20th of November 2018

Nicola Patrick talks with CEO Brianne West The following Case Study featuring Brianna West, CEO of Ethique forms one part of Financing the Future, our dynamic content project exploring the market opportunities for impact investment in…