Bob Beth

Bob Beth

Bob is actively engaged in forming and nurturing relationships globally leading to private/public as well as social venture/philanthropic collaboration to bring significant contributions to the whole-system transformation of the world’s energy system from being fossil fuel-based to being zero carbon-based. He led articulating Impact Procurement as a general approach to using supply chain purchase commitments to unlock financing for the adoption of regenerative supply. Bob is calling for a Clean Hydrogen Moonshot through an emerging commercial venture named AHA – Algorithmic Hydrogen Alliance in service to Global Goal 7 – Affordable and Clean Energy. Bob thrives at the leading edge of innovative disruptions and has spent his four-decade career starting ventures that utilize advanced technologies and innovations in business models and human potential understandings to help new or existing companies leap well ahead of the competition often into uncharted new opportunities. During his many years based principally in San Francisco, Bob has been a close colleague or friend with several of the legends of Silicon Valley garnering great insights from these change makers. Bob loves nature and adventure, and has been a lifelong sailor and snow skier. For over a decade, he has spent full seasons each year, effectively living off the grid, cruising his sailboat throughout New Zealand, Australia, and the South Pacific. Bob is currently weaving together a shared values-based keiretsu or family of independent, naturally coupled companies whose complementary capabilities enable epic collaboration solving wicked economy-wide problems.



The economic viability of green electrolytic hydrogen

By Bob Beth4th of April 2019

Bob Beth looks at current global trends around hydrogen generation from renewable energy, and drills into the benefits and opportunities for Aotearoa New Zealand to take a policy leadership role…