Pure Advantage

Pure Advantage investigates and promotes opportunities for green growth in New Zealand

We produce solutions-focused content aimed at improving New Zealand’s environmental, economic and social performance.

Pure Advantage

Pure Advantage investigates and promotes opportunities for green growth in New Zealand

Our targeted research promotes uptake of cutting-edge theory and practice and encourages new partnerships and ventures.

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Pure Advantage

Pure Advantage investigates and promotes opportunities for green growth in New Zealand

We play a lead facilitation role in a range of campaigns and discussions that articulate New Zealand’s key advantages in the transition towards net zero.

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Recent Content

Regenerative Farming Enhances Finances the Environment and Farmer Mental Health

How long can New Zealand rural leadership continue to ignore regenerative farming insights and techniques? Again, Australian farmers are proving how regenerative farming insights and techniques outperform traditional farming. Regenerative Australian grazers develop a different skill set allowing them to be profitable whilst enhancing biodiversity. These same skills also enhance farmer well-being...

High cost of Zero Carbon Act drives need for flexibility

It has been a significant year for efforts to address climate change in New Zealand. We have had the first taste of what may be in the Zero Carbon Bill, the unveiling of proposed changes to the Emissions Trading Scheme and numerous recommendations from the Productivity Commission. But among all the consultations lies an inconvenient truth of another kind. To reach the goals set, there will be an...

Creating the Future, Not Preventing It

“Environmental efforts that look to make things less bad will ultimately fail, because less bad is not good enough.” This was just one of world renowned Professor Michael Braungart’s thought-provoking judgements of current sustainability initiatives during his recent visit to New Zealand. Prof Braungart is a Chemist, award-winning book author, co-founder of the Cradle to Cradle® design concept...

Go Fast Go Far – Why New Zealand Needs to Change

Te Uru Taumatua

The following article is an abridged version of Rod Oram’s essay in The Big Questions: What is New Zealand’s Future? The article was first published by Newsroom. Rod Oram is hopeful we can solve our paradox of being rich in natural capital, but being a poor performer economically and environmentally. He proposes a way forward. We wash away each year some 200 million tonnes of top soil, the...

Community Solar Unlocks the Abundant Renewable Energy for Everyone

New York has recently announced its largest community solar project is now on line. This investment in sustainability and the future has made clean, locally generated solar available to renters, homeowners, low-income residents, schools, and businesses alike. The same will soon be happening in New Zealand, writes solarcity CEO Andrew Booth. The global shift to renewable energy is picking up...

How Microbial Communities Improve Agricultural Production

The world of biological farming is not confined to what happens in soil.  Biological products have been available for decades and provide strong competition for traditional chemical products.  Unlike many reach-for-the-shelf chemicals, biological products require more preparation and strategic thinking in their use.  The spray and walk away mentality falls short of the next level of agricultural...


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