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Pure Advantage is a registered charity led by business leaders and supported by a collective of researchers and writers who investigate and promote opportunities for New Zealand to fulfil its massive potential for green growth.

Pure Advantage was founded in 2011 by Phillip Mills, a pioneer of the international fitness industry, and is overseen by a Board of Trustees comprising business and community leaders from across New Zealand. Current Board membership is: Phillip Mills, Katherine Corich, Rob Morrison (Chair), Geoff Ross, Sir Mark Solomon and Sir Stephen Tindall. The day-to-day running of Pure Advantage is overseen by a Secretariat comprising an Executive Director, Simon Millar.

Pure Advantage’s research is not been driven by environmental idealism or fear of climate change. Rather, our reports are an accumulation of impartial economic data. They demonstrate that not only can New Zealand rescue itself from environmental decline but that there is a significant economic benefit in doing so.

We would also like to point out that our campaign has been charitably funded by our trustees alone – there are no corporate mandates or shadowy Government funding, just successful Kiwis interested in seeing a lot more successful Kiwis.


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