Renewable Energy Advantage

In the face of climate change, the world is searching for clean energy solutions. Although New Zealand has committed to producing 90% of its electricity supply from renewable sources by 2025, the Government’s most recent Energy Strategy has failed to lay out a detailed roadmap for how to achieve this target. Pure Advantage believes that New Zealand’s renewable energy can play a significant role herein.

Geothermal energy, for example, offers distinct environmental and economic advantages: it emits 18% of the carbon that a similar sized coal fired power plant does; it has a load factor of 95% – compared to 30-50% for the average hydro or wind power plant; it can produce three times the energy of a wind farm of similar size; and it is one of New Zealand’s cheapest renewable energy sources.

A super-charged industry-wide export strategy will get us ahead in an international market that’s set to be worth $40b by 2020. Many of our Pacific neighbours in the Ring of Fire are looking to exploit their geothermal opportunities in the face of international climate change and economic pressures. Our world-leading geothermal design and build expertise means that we’re perfectly placed to capture the boom.

By embracing renewable energy technologies New Zealand can reduce domestic and global reliance upon polluting hydrocarbons while at the same time growing green industry and radically improving the country’s balance of payments.

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