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By any count the commercial opportunities associated with green growth are enormous.

We know – because the reports developed a formula for green growth. During that time we’ve looked at a lot of options for transforming New Zealand’s future and we’ve shortlisted seven of what we believe are the biggest opportunities to come out of our earlier research and the new macroeconomic report.

These seven Advantages were chosen based on some important criteria:

  • Their ability to deliver the ‘double dividend’ of economic growth and improve New Zealand’s environmental performance.
  • They are not dependent on immediate government support and/or policy change for success. While we envision government policy eventually becoming part of New Zealand’s green growth solution, we’ve chosen initiatives that can be initiated without government support. In the longer term we will need bipartisan political support in order to accelerate success.
  • They are not being successfully or sufficiently addressed by other agencies / entities.
  • They are not interdependent on other initiatives (i.e. they operate as stand alone initiatives if necessary).
  • They are consistent with global green economy trends and New Zealand’s unique economic and environmental profile.
  • All are bold, and practically implementable having met a ‘reality check’ test.
  • All have focused commercial benefits to those bold enough to take the lead, but diffuse environmental benefits that all Kiwis can enjoy.

The opportunities have all been judged to be valuable and feasible, however some should be implemented earlier – either because they have a larger expected impact, or a longer time between implementation and results.

These opportunities will work as the engines that will deliver New Zealand a clean green future while at the same time making our nation more prosperous, less dependent on foreign energy, healthier and – we think – a lot happier, too.

They directly leverage off things we already do very well as a nation, but also directly address the issues at which we don’t do so well.

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