Expedition to Antarctica – Winner Announced!

Congratulations to Sarah Hall, the winner of our Expedition to Antarctica video competition. Sarah was selected from a pool of 10 finalists by polar explorer Robert Swan to accompany him and his 2041 crew on a once-in-a-lifetime journey to Antarctica in February next year.

Sarah’s passion, vision, and motivation to act to achieve green growth in New Zealand was clear in her video and even more so in her final interview with Robert where she emerged as the winner. If you haven’t a chance yet, check out her submission below; and watch this space for footage of the interviews and updates on Sarah’s journey to Antarctica next year.

Well done to all our other finalists and entrants, everyone of whom put in a huge effort to convey their unique visions for NZ’s future as a green economy. There was a great range of different approaches and ideas from this group of inspirational young New Zealanders. All their videos are still viewable now in the Expedition to Antarctica gallery.

“New Zealand has strong ties to Antarctica and history of helping preserve and protect its environment. What I learn from the Antarctica experience I will apply in this country to help create a clean green economy and support Pure Advantage in its quest to turn our natural advantages into greater wealth for all New Zealanders” – Sarah

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Pure Advantage

Pure Advantage

Pure Advantage functions as both a generator and communicator of knowledge, undertaking and supporting a variety of green growth-focused research activities and outputs. Through this work, we seek to disseminate cutting-edge theory and practice that will transform how New Zealanders understand and manage the relationship between the environment and the economy.

We advocate for economic models that generate both profitability and positive social and environmental outcomes. In promoting these models we seek to uphold the ethical imperatives of impact investment while also dispelling any lingering misconceptions around wealth creation and environmental protection being contradictory goals.

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