Housing Advantage

Upgrading every New Zealand home to be more energy and thermally efficient would achieve more than $800m in energy savings while providing employment and manufacturing opportunities and material health benefits.

The Housing Advantage will develop a comprehensive multi-stakeholder approach to increasing the proportion of high quality, energy efficient homes as a proportion of total homes. New Zealand suffers from notoriously inefficient, cold and leaky domestic housing stock – it is estimated that >750,000 homes are without proper heating or insulation. There is also the need for a significant number of new dwellings that ought to be built to an energy-efficient and healthy standard. (Auckland alone will need another 400,000 new dwellings over the next 30 years.)

It follows that an opportunity exists to realise significant commercial, economic and social benefit through the improvement of domestic stock both via higher quality energy-efficient new homes using Off Site Manufacturing (OSM) technology, and the retrofit of existing poor quality homes. In order to build an effective strategy, Housing Advantage will seek to understand and characterise the complex and interrelated issues underpinning the current situation, and identify environmentally efficient and commercially profitable solutions.

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