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New Zealand can use the byproducts of its forestry industry to develop woody-mass bio-fuels and other high-value products that will dramatically reduce our reliance upon imported liquid hydrocarbons and chemicals while at the same time growing a new export industry. New Zealand’s annual bill for imported oil is $5.3b. By bringing key industry players together and utilising our huge forestry stocks, New Zealand can build upon its natural forestry advantage to create real and sustainable energy security.

In order to develop and execute a commercially viable bio-products strategy, New Zealand’s public and private sectors must approach the problem collaboratively; establishing a new value chain that takes into account forestry suppliers, process manufacturers, bio-product specialists (including Crown Research Institutes and industry R&D), distributors, retail fuel suppliers, major customers, and so on. This strategy will plot a course towards energy independence and a stable liquid energy supply, decreasing the shocks associated with a volatile and expensive international oil market. By leading the way, New Zealand will create technology and expertise that’s exportable and contributes towards a highly skilled employment sector.

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