Sir Stephen Tindall

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Stephen_tindall“I am an investor in green growth companies in NZ such as Lanzatech, 3R, Wellington Drive, Solar City and believe these types of companies hold the key to New Zealand’s future. Green growth now is a sector globally which is not only proving a good financial return but provides solutions to mitigate climate change. It’s my ambition that we can encourage thousands of New Zealanders to understand the benefits of green growth companies and invest in them to make NZ more economically viable and a leader in environmental sustainability.”

In 1982 Stephen founded The Warehouse, a private company until late 1994 when it floated on the New Zealand Stock Exchange. Stephen held the position of Managing Director until January 2001, then appointed a CEO and assumed position of Founder. He returned as Group CEO from May 2003 until October 2004. The Warehouse Group now has 85 retail and 43 Warehouse Stationery stores in New Zealand. His current positions include; Founder and Director-The Warehouse Group Ltd, Chair-Job Summit Working Group, Patron-Mistletoe Bay Trust, Chair-Climate Change Forum and Broadband Investment Forum, Chair-Growth & Innovation Advisory Board, Council Member of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (Co-founder and Chair of NZBCSD, 2000-2004), Founding Member of the New Zealand Institute, Co Founder and Director of KEA (Kiwi Expat Association), Founder and Trustee-The Tindall Foundation, Founder and Trustee-Alay Buhay Educational Foundation, and Investor in New Zealand Enterprises.


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