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Conclusions and recommendations Scenario analysis is an invaluable tool in planning for an uncertain future. By developing internally consistent scenarios of how the future might evolve, and how policy will affect this evolution, it is possible to identify key strategic pivot points, possible perverse outcomes, and strategies that are robust to uncertainty. Scenarios present the future as a...

Chapter 3

Alternative scenarios for New Zealand’s domestic decarbonisation This section presents alternative scenarios for domestic decarbonisation in New Zealand in the period to 2050, building on the strategic considerations presented earlier in the report. All of these scenarios involve a significant departure from the technologies and practices commonplace in New Zealand today, although, within this...

Chapter 2

Strategic considerations in moving New Zealand to a low-emissions pathway New Zealand’s national circumstances create a particular set of challenges when moving to a low-emissions pathway. New Zealand’s emission per capita and per unit GDP have fallen since 1990 but remain high by international standards. This is due to unusually high emissions from agriculture and high transport emissions...

Chapter 1

The economics of emission reductions At a global level, the benefits of reducing emissions to stabilise temperature increases are well established. The Stern Review was one of the first high-profile studies to conclude that the benefits of strong and early action on climate change outweigh the costs of not acting(Stern 2007). More recent studies have largely reinforced this conclusion...

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