Cool Beans

In the first in a series of articles of New Zealanders championing organic farming, Pure Advantage talks to New Plymouth based IncaFe founding director Joop Verbeek about the importance of growing organic coffee the natural way. Joop believes that “for nature to work best we should respect the soil, its water and all that lives in it. For the land to produce best we should respect the hands that...


Auckland: 11 November 2013 Pure Advantage today announced that the first two of its seven green growth work streams are now underway, backed by major financial institution Kiwibank and Z Energy, New Zealand’s largest retail fuel supplier. Duncan Stewart, Pure Advantage CEO says the primary focus of the green growth work streams is to produce successful commercial strategies and deliver specific...

100% Pure Fantasy? Living up to our brand

Matt Stewart interviews some of the characters involved in developing, maintaining and debating New Zealand’s 100% Pure positioning, as he takes a look at Prime Minister John Key’s comparison of New Zealand’s global “100% Pure” tourism marketing campaign to a fast food ad. “It’s like saying ‘McDonald’s, I’m lovin’ it’ –...

Collaboration rules: Rod Oram, Sunday Star-Times

Rod Oram asserts “two groundbreaking green initiatives risk being watered down by the Government”, in his Sunday Star-Times column from 25 November 2012 – and states that Pure Advantage and the Land and Water Forum offer New Zealand ways to break two of our worst economic development habits.

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Growth at any price foolish: Rod Oram

The Key Government’s policies are primitive and shameless, says Rod Oram in his Sunday Star-Times column. THE KEY Government’s economic strategy is delivering two deeply damaging outcomes – weak growth and environmental degradation. Blaming the global financial crisis for slowing growth and rising unemployment, the Government pushes its strategy ever harder, blind to the realities. The...

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