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The Race to Electrify Your Roads

As an advocate for keeping New Zealand clean and green, Ecotricity are a large part of jump starting the electric car movement within New Zealand. We started in 2014 by making sure our vehicle fleet was 100% plug-in electric and we haven’t looked back since. Not only does our fleet now reflect our philosophy, but it actively contributes towards positive climate change, benefits the health and...

Will Batteries Fix New Zealand’s Clean Energy Problem?

The annual Energy Industry Conference (Downstream) in Auckland last month brought about the usual themes of climate change and consumer engagement, as well as some exciting new themes such as the transactive grid, peer to peer energy trading, and the Internet of Things. But the elephant in the room at the conference was storage – batteries to be specific. The electricity sector in New Zealand...

Some Personal Thoughts on the Future of the Car Business

The things that are driving innovation in today’s car business are not the traditional focus of improving design, extending performance, upgrading specification and reducing cost. These are all critically important, but they don’t keep the car companies awake at night. There are three things driving the car business innovation at present – all of them relate to the technology revolution and...

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