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Thinking Beyond Growth

The critical responses to the release of the NetZero report were predictable. Land use changes, a central pillar upon which the four scenarios were built, and the requirements for a significant reduction in the country’s dairy herd, raised some eyebrows, and were deemed to be unrealistic, as they would have “major implications for the economy“. Specifically, the impact on economic...

Biodegradable Lubricants: Oiling the Wheels of Change

Lubricants are an essential part of any piece of moving or rotating machinery. The applications in which lubricants are used are countless, ranging from speciality industrial compounds used in power plants to basic penetrating oils used on squeaky door hinges. Typically, lubricants are based on petroleum fractions (aka mineral oils), liquid by-products of crude oil refining. Mineral oils have...

Why Isn’t the Government Producing Reports Like Net Zero in New Zealand?

One question that comes to me while reading the Net Zero in New Zealand report is, “why isn’t the government producing reports like this?” It’s a question worth exploring for how we are going about the task of climate change policy-making in New Zealand. What GLOBE-NZ have commissioned is a really valuable insight into different ways that we might address climate change. The scenarios help show...

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