Can Informed Bacon Buyers Change How We Farm in New Zealand?

Freedom Farms recently celebrated its tenth birthday. Many would say that’s over ten years of being horribly under qualified to be commenting on farming. After all, no one at Freedom Farms is actually a farmer. None of us own a pair of gumboots or have ever been seen at Field Days. We don’t have a background in agri-science. Gosh… we don’t even have a background in making good bacon. We are...

Biodegradable Lubricants: Oiling the Wheels of Change

Lubricants are an essential part of any piece of moving or rotating machinery. The applications in which lubricants are used are countless, ranging from speciality industrial compounds used in power plants to basic penetrating oils used on squeaky door hinges. Typically, lubricants are based on petroleum fractions (aka mineral oils), liquid by-products of crude oil refining. Mineral oils have...

The Race to Reduce Agriculture’s Emissions

Synthetic Biology Vs. Paris – The Race to Reduce Agriculture’s Emissions 1.3 billion US dollars – according to CB Insights that was the sum of money invested into synthetic biology (synbio) start-ups in 2016, pioneering an array of new biological systems that are revolutionising food, agriculture, health, industrials and more. From cultures and microbes that produce cow-less milk, cattle...

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